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DVD or SSD, or even HDD?

Posted by Menoyami - May 31st, 2021

What'cha think Friends?

Does anyone of you prefer optical over SSD or other HDDs?

I personally feel more safe with optical (DVDs).

Here is what my collection looks like (all containing original CGI and audio made over the years):


Have a creative and fun day :)


Comments (3)

WOW how much are there precisely?
I have a laptop because I go uni to a different country and I travel 2-3 in a year but lately because of the pandemic not so much. Still I have a 256 GB ssd in my laptop and a portable 1TB hdd. I really don't like this portable one because it's always have to be plugged in but there wasn't another slot in my laptop for it so this was the best choice for me I think. I'm planning to buy a new laptop though. I like my stuff to be on one place.

They're super cheap. I think it was like $22 (CAD) for a 100 disc spindle. The reason for that could be that not a lot of folks these days use optical.
I used to also travel around a lot because of Job having a laptop with an SSD (also 1TB). The darn thing after a year decided become corrupted and I have lost so much data which I worked on over 5 years, and I came across the term ferromagnetic decay which SSDs maybe subject to for different reasons... so I ended up looking for a solid storage/archival solution and DVDs came popping up. But yeah, I hear you... having data neatly packed in one portable device is pretty practical, if you travel a lot.

@MyLambda @VoodooWaffle that's cool, well I suppose dvd/cd are kind of out of ''fashion'' if you know what I mean. By default I had an hdd for root disk, I mean what was the storage for the windows system but f man, my laptop was so damn slow and when I switched it to an ssd now it's working in a really decent speed. So I think nowadays ssd is a must for to be a root disk storage but yeah, I've experienced a lot that not all of the new technology are as durable as the old ones. They might be better, faster in performance but somehow old technology is still winning at durability.

@MyLambda @VoodooWaffle and fuck, losing data is such a big PAIN
I was a child and I messed up the computer (which is my brother's but I was allowed to use it, you know brother stuff, just imagine how pissed he was, a lot of pictures and my stuff too are just lost) with some malware which is happened to be the newest at that time so it was impossible to fix it, basically what this malware was did it locked down a lot of files and text documents appeared on the desktop demanding money to specific adresses and they will unlock your files but I hardly believe in that. I hope these people who make these malwares, viruses will live in agony and pain without dying because they deserve it.
So I feel you, especially as an artist too.

luckily the ransom ware thing never happened to me therefore I don't use my workstation for internet at all. It only ever connects for updates or subscription renewals. Everything else is only ever handled by an old Laptop which I use for browsing. Interesting, thank you for sharing your experience :)